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Would You Like To Know me ?

I was born in Izmir (Turkey) at 1960. I graduated from 9 Eylül Uni-

versity Izmir State Conservatory at 1985. After which I joined to State

Opera and Ballet Chorus of Ankara at 1986. Still I'm employed by the

same institution. I'm married and have a daughter.

My hobies are photographing in addition to miniaturization of custom

items which I belong and taking video shots.

I held a personal photo exhibition named "With My Eye" at a tourism

agency in Ankara at 1996. And again held my second personal photo exhibition named

"With My Eye 2" in Ankara at 1999.

Love and Respects Uğur GÜÇLÜTEN


The clearness of the photos are blocked to a certain extent

on purpose to avoid any commercial aimed copying. For this

reason I apoligize from your eyes.


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